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The registered address for the above branch is PO Box 506599, DIFC Precinct Building No 4, Level 3, Office 305, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Invesco Ltd is the ultimate holding company of the Invesco group (registered number 40671) with its registered office situated at Canon's Court, 22 Victoria Street, Hamilton, HM12, Bermuda.



The information on this website has been prepared by Invesco Asset Management Limited. It is approved by Invesco Asset Management Limited. It does not, in any way, constitute investment advice.

You must read these Terms & Conditions before proceeding, as they explain both the legal and regulatory restrictions which apply to the investment products referred to within this website.

This website refers to funds which are not subject to any form of regulation or approval by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (‘DFSA’). The factsheets and Key Investor Information Documents are intended for distribution to persons who meet the regulatory criteria to be classified as a ‘Professional Client’ as specified in the Dubai Financial Services Authority’s Conduct of Business Rules and must not, therefore, be delivered to, or be relied on by, any other type of person. The DFSA has no responsibility for reviewing or verifying any Prospectus or other documents in connection with the funds. Accordingly, the DFSA has not approved the Prospectus or any other associated documents nor taken any steps to verify information set out in the Prospectus, and has no responsibility for them. The units to which this website or any document on it are related may be illiquid and/or subject to restrictions on their resale. Prospective purchasers should conduct their own due diligence on the units. If you do not understand the contents of this section you should consult an authorised financial adviser.

This information provided is not for distribution outside DIFC, nor should any information, whether in part or full, be copied, reproduced or redistributed in any form and is not to be regarded as an offer or solicitation of an offer for investment outside the DIFC.

No shares or units in these funds may be offered or sold to citizens or residents of the United States of America or in any other country, state or jurisdiction where it would be unlawful to offer, solicit an offer for or sell such shares or units.

Offshore fund information

The value of investments and any income will fluctuate (this may partly be the result of exchange rate fluctuations) and investors may not get back the full amount invested. Past performance is not a guide to future returns.

Current tax levels and reliefs may change. Depending on individual circumstances, this may affect investment returns. Different classes of units apply to offshore funds and are subject to different fees and charges. Further information can be provided on request from the management company.

Important documents

For important information about investing and specific risk information for each fund, please read the relevant Prospectus and the most up to date relevant fund and share class-specific Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs), available under ‘Literature’ or by contacting Invesco. Please ensure that you have provided your clients with the relevant Prospectus and the most up to date relevant fund and share class-specific Key Investor Information Documents before they invest.

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You must not transmit any virus, 'worm', 'Trojan horse', or other item of a destructive nature to this site and it is your responsibility to ensure that whatever you download or select for your use from the site is free from such items.

Where a link exists to a site that has not been issued by a company that forms part of the Invesco Ltd group of companies (an external link), we do not accept any responsibility for the content of such a site or the products, services or other items offered through that site.

Each time you use the site, a condition of use is that you comply with the above terms.

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